About me

I remember my senses being strangely acute from early childhood.

I have always seen music and poetry and people with their ideas in intensely vivid colours. This I imagined as a colourful triptych of life. Only much later I discovered that not everyone has this coloured hearing.
I am inspired by the beauty of music, the complexity of a scientific idea and mesmerized by the profundity of natural chaos and the unfathomable horrors Man can commit. Creativity is part of all human existence in its beauty and tragedy and a subtle expression of our mortality. In search of my personal truth I try to transform all this into art.
I am a British artist currently living & working in Berlin. Born in Bangladesh I have travelled throughout the world, most of my life. After I finished school in Rome, I first studied at the Arts Council in Karachi and then went on to continue my studies at the Croydon College of Art in London under professor Mauro Kunst. For quite some time I ran my own product design company in London and worked for international companies and exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic. Some of this work is part of the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I received a prestigious design award which was presented to me by HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh. I decided to give all this up, change my life and return to painting full-time.