In 2001, when the sequencing of the human genome was completed it became clear that the human species will change, both physically and intellectually, over the next few hundred years.
I try to express where I think this irreversible development may lead: from a gradual evolution to a speedy revolution: a future world with sub-species between Man and Superman.
For the purpose of sequencing the genetic map, scientists attached the primary colours red, yellow, blue and black to the four amino acids that make up each gene:
cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine.
This makes the map a subtle array of colourful tones and shades, dynamic and very rhythmic. The naked eye¬† can only read about 60 colours, and I am using this colour palette to express my ideas. (left: „Evolution“, oil on canvas; 150 x 110 cm)

More pictures of the series